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Boxed lunches

2023 Tour Menu

Geordanes' Pastry Platter

Assorted Mini Cookies and Mini Pastries artfully arranged on a platter

$55.00 Small (30 pcs.) $75.00 Large (40 pcs)


Brownie Platter

Brownies and Blondies, irresistible! (Without nuts)

  • $45.00 Tray (40 pcs.) $75.00 Tray (80 pcs.)


 Fresh Fruit Salad

A succulent medley of Seasonal Fresh Fruits. Great for kids!

  • $7.99 lb

 Fruit Platter

An assortment of the Season’s Freshest Fruit

$40.00 Small   $60.00 Med.  $80.00 Large


Home style Rice Pudding

Traditional rich Rice Custard dish topped with

Cinnamon and Whipped Cream

  • $40.00 Half Tray  $55.00 Full tray



Home-style Assorted Cakes

(Market price)

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