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Super side Dishes

(Half tray Serves 10-15 Full tray 20-25)

Geordanes' Spanish Style Rice

Only Geordanes can make rice this good. 

Vegetables, Herbs, a touch of Tomato - this is truly

a special side dish that everyone will love, and it’s low fat!

$30.00 Half Tray, $55.00 Full Tray 


Vegetable Rice Pilaf

Long grained White Rice Baked Pilaf style with tiny mixed Vegetables

$35.00 Half Tray, $65.00 Full Tray 


Geordanes' Brown Rice

$35.00 Half Tray, $65.00 Full Tray 


Home-style Mashed Potatoes

Rich and creamy with little chunks of flavorful Idaho Potato 

Goes with just about everything!

$35.00 Half Tray, $65.00 Full Tray 


Roasted Red Potatoes

Small Red Potato halves baked with Rosemary,

Garlic and Onion until crispy brown

$40.00 Half Tray, $70.00 Full Tray


Seasonal Grilled Vegetables

$9.49 lb


 Chef’s Vegetable and Bread Stuffing

A Geordanes' exclusive

$30.00 Half tray, $55.00 Full Tray 

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